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Ángel Ruiz de Apodaca

Derecho administrativo. Universidad de Navarra

Ángel Ruiz de Apodaca
  • Law Degree at the University of Deusto, Master in Environmental Law at the University of the Basque Country and PhD in Law at the University of Navarra for which he received the extraordinary doctoral prize.
  • He is currently Head Lecturer of Administrative Law at the University of Navarra. He is a visiting professor at other Universities, masters and postgraduate courses. He was the main researcher of the project “Gobernanza en los procedimientos administrativos de gestión del riesgo” funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the project “Red europea de gestión del riesgo” funded by the Government of Navarra.
  • His field of research has focused primarily on Environmental Administrative Law and within this on the sectors of water, waste, environmental impact and energy. Author of several books, articles and chapters of books in the area of Public Law (environmental and administrative), he has also worked on the development of regulatory texts on environmental issues with various Public Administrations government and providing advice to them. He has also participated as a guest speaker at numerous congresses and seminars.