Red Mercado y medio ambiente. Propuestas jurídicas para una economía verde.

Antoni Pigrau Solé

Universidad de Barcelona

Antoni Pigrau Solé
  •  Degree and PhD in Law from the University of Barcelona.
  •  Lecturer at the University of Barcelona between 1982 and 1992, and at URV from 1992.
  • Director of the Alcalde Pere Lloret Centre for Environmental Law in Tarragona (CEDAT) (
  • Coordinator of the Consolidated Research Group of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia “Territory, Citizenship and Sustainability” (2014 SGR 294).
  • Director of the Revista Catalana de Dret Ambiental (, coedited by the Rovira i Virgili University and the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.
  • Member of the European Environmental Law Forum Advisory Board.
  • Member of the Governing Board of the Instituto Internacional Catalán por la Paz (ICIP), by appointment of the Parliament of Catalonia, and current vice-president of the ICIP.
  • Member of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, based at the Fondazione Internazionale Lelio Basso, Rome.
  • Author of numerous scientific publications on environmental rights, human rights, international humanitarian law, international criminal law and peacekeeping.