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Marina Rodríguez Beas

Marina Rodríguez Beas
  • Doctor of Law at the Rovira i Virgili University since 2013 and specialist in Local, Planning and Environmental Law. She studied a Master’s in Management and Local Law, postgraduate diploma in Local Law and postgraduate diploma in Planning Law at the Public Administration School of Catalonia, Autonomous University of Barcelona and Rovira i Virgili University and the University Master’s in Environmental Law at Rovira i Virgili University.
  • She is currently part of the Research Staff for access to SECTI, attached to the Department of Public Law at the Rovira i Virgili University, with the teaching profile in Administrative Law, Information and Communication Law, research into Administrative Law, Planning Law, Environmental Law, planning and intervention in economic activities of citizens.
  •  She is a researcher in the Research Group on Organisation and Human Resources in Public Intelligence and Security (GRORHISP) of the Rovira i Virgili University, member of the Centre for Environmental Law in Tarragona (CEDAT), consolidated Catalonia Research Group (SGR) and staff assigned to the Màrius Viadel i Martín professorship, for Local Law Studies of the University Rovira i Virgili.
  • She has also participated as a member in the research project [título] (DER2010-19343), funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (DG Research and Management of the National R&D&I Plan. Sub-Directorate General Research Projects).
  • She recently received a grant from the Catalonia Institute of Autonomous Studies for research on territorial political autonomies and specifically for the paper entitled “Comercio interior y comunidades autónomas. Alcance de las competencias autonómicas en la regulación de los horarios comerciales” (Domestic Trade and Autonomous Regions. Scope of autonomous powers in the regulation of commercial opening times).
  •  Among her areas of research we can highlight three main lines. The first is Environmental Law and specifically the research work focuses on several issues: local bodies and the environment, new instruments for environmental protection, energy and Smart Cities and Sustainable Urban Development. The second line of research focuses on Urban Planning Law and Planning and administrative intervention in citizens’ economic activities. And the third line of research focuses on General Administrative Law, related to administrative organisation and the legal regime of administrative measures and procedure, regulatory power, administrative activity, the liability of the Public Administration and the Contentious Administrative Jurisdiction.