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Teresa Navarro Caballero

Profesora Doctora de Derecho Administrativo. Universidad de Murcia

Teresa Navarro Caballero


  • Doctor of Law, University of Murcia
  • Master in Territorial Policy and Town planning, Carlos III University of Madrid

Current occupation

  • Lecturer and Doctor of Administrative Law.
  • Secretary of the Instituto Universitario del Agua y del Medio Ambiente of the University of Murcia (INUAMA) (2007 to the present)


  • Author of various monographs, chapters of books and articles in magazines of recognised prestige in the legal field. Her main lines of research are WATER LAW (Public water, water markets in Spain, irrigation communities, water transfers, reuse of reclaimed water, desalination, water planning), LOCAL ADMINISTRATION
  • She has directed two separate collective books on reuse of reclaimed water and current issues of local administrative law.


  • She has been MAIN RESEARCHER in various RESEARCH PROJECTS  financed by several regional institutions (Fundación Instituto Euromediterráneo del Agua, Fundación Séneca, Agencia de la investigación de la Región de Murcia) on water planning, water banks in Spain and decentralised management of water resources in Spain and member of various projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • She coordinated the 1st Environmental Forum of the Region of Murcia in its first edition in June 2008 and the First Conference on Reuse of Reclaimed Water in June 2009.

Research stays

  • She has been on various RESEARCH STAYS at several European universities:
    • University of Lille (France), September 2012
    • Roma La Sapienza University, June and July 2008
    • University of Lisbon, April 2007
    • University of Genoa, April 2006